Board of Directors


The Campbell River Killer Whales Swim Club Board of Directors is comprised of  seven elected members who are responsible for administering the affairs of the club and supporting coaching staff throughout the season. Board members, who are crucial for the club to function, serve for one to two years depending on their specific role: directors-at-large serve a one-year term, while executive directors serve a two-year term. Candidates are nominated at the start of each new fall season. For detailed information about the election process, board member duties and qualifications, please see the club by-laws.

Monthly board meeting minutes are posted below.

Mercedes Hayduk


Rachel Balabuch


Kili Enger


Sarah Assu

Meet Manager

Sarah Wright

Volunteers Point System (VPS)

Nycky-Jay Vanjecek

Communications & Social Media

Chris Hayduk

Officials Coordinator

Shannon Haugen

Social Coordinator

Annual General Meeting Minutes

2022 AGM Minutes

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2023 AGM Minutes

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