Program Information

Campbell River Killer Whales is offering summer camps for 5-8 yer olds and 8-12 year olds this summer, choose from full or half days which will take place at Strathcona Gardens and Pinecrest School.

Killer Whales

Swimmers in the Killer Whales program have the opportunity to seek their amazing potential. Through the three levels of this program, swimmers build on their skills, build on their integrity, and put forth the effort and dedication to realize their potential. At this stage of the program, swimmers are dedicated to fully realizing their potential through the enjoyment of the challenge, overcoming adversity, academic excellence, and devotion to excellence in everything they do. The Killer Whales eat, sleep and dream excellence. The responsibility is to be determined and goal-oriented as individuals, but more importantly, strive to inspire the team and community at large. Swimmers in this level express their excellence through positive contributions anytime the opportunity presents itself. It is an honor to reach the Killer Whale level, and this is appreciated through inspirational conduct that brings out the best in the individual as well as the team. Swimmers in this group may go as far as to represent our region, province, and perhaps our country. 

Mini Whales

The Mini Whales is our intro Pre-Competitive Swimming Lessons program. Your competitive swimming journey begins with the Mini Whales! In the Mini Whales, you learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming in a lighthearted team environment. Our coaches strive to put the FUN in FUNdamentals. We teach the values of community, skill development, sportsmanship and build the foundation towards excellence. The end goal of the Mini Whales program is to foster a love of swimming that is conclusive to long term participation in the sport, as well as a swimmer to be able to swim faster than 50 seconds over a course of 50 meters in Freestyle (Front Crawl) and Backstroke, under 60 seconds in a 50-meter Breaststroke, as well 25 meters of legal butterfly. Once these objectives are completed you are eligible for our Orca Program! 

Private and Semi-Private Lessons as arranged with the Development Coach.