Sponsorship & Financial Need Grants

We encourage swimmers to find sponsors who can help with their yearly fundraising commitment. Corporate sponsors then have the option to support a specific swimmer or the club in general. Each year, we have both types of support from sponsors. The CRKW Sponsorship Program runs on an annual basis, with sponsorship agreements due by March 1st each year.

When trying to obtain corporate support, swimmers must be sure to approach a potential sponsor with respectful and context-appropriate language and behaviour that embody CRKW values, which can be found in the Philosophy section of the "Who are the Killer Whales" page and in the Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy.

New Sponsorships

In approaching a potential sponsor, use the draft letter:

Sponsorship request letter

and personalize it with your details. Some businesses prefer to sponsor the club generally, while others may wish to sponsor your swimmer individually. 

  • We ask for sponsorship of $500 or more.
  • On our social media sites, we will post about each of our sponsors 4 times per year to highlight their contributions to our club and community.
  • We are in the process of creating a sponsor's gallery on our website, and will use company Logos as another way to emphasize corporate contribution.
  • We give our sponsors a team photo they can place in an area visible to their customers and clients. 
  • We ask families and sponsors to consider a 50% split in a sponsee's monies - with half going to the sponsee and half to the club. Each swimmer would then earn $250 towards their fundraising amount.

​​​​​​​Sponsorship Renewal

Past sponsees may approach their sponsors from prior years to ask if they would like to renew their sponsorship for the upcoming year. These sponsors will be grandfathered into the sponsorship program at their previous rate; whereas, beginning in 2023, the rate for cash sponsorship will be $500.

How do I approach a potential sponsor?

  1. Make a list of potential sponsors
  2. Ensure they are not already on our sponsorship list, by looking here (page under construction).
  3. Customize the sponsorship letter to your prospective sponsor and deliver the letter in person.
  4. Follow up with the potential sponsor in person, by phone, or by email two-three days later.
  5. Pick up a checque from the sponsor and and submit it to lockbox with your swimmers name on the cheque or ask the sponsor to mail a cheque to our address. Be sure to email the Treasurer with the name and details of your successful sponsorship.
  6. Deadline – March 1 st  of the calendar year after September start-up.
  7. Remember, you are acting on behalf of the CRKW, using our name and logo,  and with that, you agree to be professional in your language and behaviour, and to embody the values of our club.

Transfer of Sponsorship

When a swimmer who has a sponsor leaves CRKW, they will be asked to nominate another swimmer who has not yet reached their fundraising quota to assume their sponsorship agreement. The nominated swimmer will have the first opportunity to renew the sponsorship. If the exiting family does not wish to nominate another swimmer or is unable to be contacted, the Board will approach the sponsor to request that they become a club sponsor. If the sponsor would prefer to sponsor an individual swimmer, a new sponsee who has not yet reached the individual fundraising quota and does not yet have a sponsor will be chosen through a random draw.

Financial Need Grant Opportunities

KidSport Canada

-Up to $400
-Swimmers under 18 years old are eligible
-For families facing social or economic barriers
-Applications due prior to or at beginning of season
-Apply online for a Kidsport Canada grant

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Canada

-Up to $300
-Applications need proof of financial need via  Canada Child Tax Benefit statement
-Due prior to season start
-Apply online for Jumpstart grant


-between ages 5-18
-family income of less than $45, 000
-applications must include one of the following: Child Tax Benefit statement, Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada, or proof that child is in foster care. 
-Apply online for athletics4kids grant