Volunteer Points System

Volunteers play an important part in making a swim club successful. In recognition of this, we have put into place a volunteer point system (VPS) to encourage families to participate in club functions and to provide the opportunity for families to "work off" some of the fees due at the end of the swim season. Executive members, coordinators, timers, and officials are just a few of the roles that you can play to earn volunteer points.  

These points represent a commitment to the club and have a monetary value of $30 each. As swimmers increase their hourly commitment to training and their participation in swim functions over time, both financial cost and the need for volunteers also increase. Because of this, required volunteer points also increase as swimmers move up through the levels of the club, as do the  assigned number of meet days at which parents are required to help out.  By volunteering, you are not only playing an important part in making your club great but also working off points.  If you volunteer throughout the year and earn all of your points, your VPS obligation is fulfilled and your financial commitment is complete.  It’s that easy.  So come on out and contribute to your club, meet new people, and have some fun!

Current VPS requirement are as follows:

GroupPoints RequiredValue
Orca Development3$90
Orca Junior5$150
Orca Senior8$240
Killer Whale Development8$240
Killer Whale Junior10$300
Killer Whale Senior12$300