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As a Campbell River Killer Whale team athlete, I recognize and agree to conform to the following Code of Conduct at all times while representing my sport and community.

1. Offer congratulations to my opponents, win or lose, and to cheer on my teammates.

2. Act and conduct myself with dignity and with respect for others and the property of others.

3. Display pride in our club and sport by wearing the team uniform at all competition.

4. Always teach and practice good sportsmanship.

5. Be a responsible goodwill ambassador between the sport of swimming and the public.

6. Promote positive high team spirit and morale.

7. Strive to do my best, and encourage all team members to do the same.

8. Deal justly, kindly, impartially and intelligently with all of my fellow members.

While taking part in any Killer Whale function:

9. I will act responsibly towards coaches, chaperones, teammates, officials and parents at all times. I will be polite and treat others the way I would like to be treated.

10. I will not use cameras or other multimedia devices in any change room, shower or bathroom facility as this is against Club as well as facility policy.

11. I will not leave the pool facility without permission from both the coach and chaperone.

12. I will abide by the curfew set by the coach or chaperone.

13. I will conduct myself in a safe and respectful manner at all times, especially while at a billet's home or in a hotel.

14. I will make healthy and nutritional choices regarding meals during swim meets.

15. I will not possess, use or be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or tobacco.


I understand that violating any of these may cause me to be sent home, at my parents' expense and subjects me to dismissal from the team. This Code of Conduct remains in effect as long as I am a member of the Campbell River Killer Whales Swim Club.



 Parent/Guardian Signature

Campbell River Killer Whales Commitment and Financial Policy Statement

1. Registration: All swimmers must be registered with Swim BC. Swim BC is the Provincial organizing body for swimming in BC. For more info about Swim BC and swimming in general, visit www.swim.bc.ca

2. Swimmers will not be registered until any overdue accounts have been paid in full.

3. Fundraising: Each family must take part in or provide monetary fundraising support as designated in the registration package for the season.

4. Volunteer Point System: Each family must fulfill their Volunteer Points or provide monetary compensation ($30.00 per point).

5. Early Withdrawal: Any member can withdraw early from a program with a doctor's note and have the remainder of their fees given as a credit towards the next session/season that swimmer wishes to attend (within 365 days). This credit is not transferable to another swimmer.

      a. Early Withdrawal Policy: In the event that a swimmer leaves the program prior to the end of the season, a 30 day Notice of Termination must be received in writing               by the Club Registrar and/or the Treasurer. If the member gives notice after the 7th of the month, this month will be assessed as time in the club and a further                     month's swim fees will be required. Members will also be responsible for the fundraising and VPS portion that they were in the club for. For example, if the                           swimmer leaves as of January 1st, the fundraising and VPS owing will be for September through to December. Any outstanding fees, including fundraising,                   VPS and Rule-the-Pool amounts, are due within the 30-day period following the swimmer's last day.

7. Joining after Registration Date: Swimmers joining the club after the start of the season are still responsible for their fundraising and VPS from the date that they start the club. For example, if they begin on January 1st, they will be responsible for fundraising and VPS from January through to June.

      a. Late Joiners: Members are responsible for all mandatory fundraising, when joining the club. When members join they will be allowed 45 days to fulfill their                            sponsorship obligation. The amount will be pro-rated at the time of registration.

7. Fees: All monthly swim fees will be paid by direct deposit or by credit card as arranged through the CRKW online registration platform. If a credit card is used, a 4% surcharge will apply. It is the responsibility of the payer to incur any N.S.F. or bank charges associated with cancelled or returned cheques. NSF cheques will be charged $20.00. If paying by cheque, post-dated cheques covering the entire season must be submitted. All fees must be remitted to the club by June 15.


Arrears will be dealt with as follows:

 15 days in arrears from statement date - notification from the treasurer

 20 days in arrears from statement date - swimmer will be denied workouts and swim meets

 60 days in arrears from statement date account shall be sent to a collection agency

Delinquent accounts will be assessed, without exception, in accordance with the above schedule.

8. The procedure for the implementing and enforcing the Commitment Policy has been arrived at after careful consideration of all alternatives. The decisions described in this document are considered fair to all and absolutely essential in order for the Club to operate successfully. The equitable sharing of this workload is the goal of the Commitment Policy, as well as maintaining swim fees at a reasonable amount for all families.


Injury/Illness/Holidays/Cancellation Policy

1. Notice of termination must be received, in writing, by the registrar and treasurer, thirty days prior to the end of the month in which the swimmer is leaving. See Commitment Policy withdrawal for specifics. The Notice of Termination will be taken into affect from the date the Termination letter was received irregardless of time of injury.

2. In the case of injury or serious illness, the treasurer must be notified immediately. Fees will be retained for the first two weeks from the time the treasurer is notified. As no fees are charged thereafter, the swimmer is not guaranteed a return to the same group. On groups with waiting list, the swimmer may choose to pay to hold his/her place.

3. If a swimmer is recovering from injury or illness, but still wishes to continue swimming, a doctor's certificate explaining the swimmer's limitations, shall be forwarded to both the coach and executive.

4. If a swimmer departs from the program for family holidays fees must still be paid in full.

5. Club membership fees are non-refundable.

6. Swim BC fees are non-refundable.

7. First month fees are non-refundable.

8. Fundraising and VPS monies will be pro-rated.

9. Swimmers cannot return the following season till any and all outstanding balances have been paid.

10. A charge of $20.00 will be issued on all NSF cheques



1. Do not impose your ambition on your child. Remember that swimming is the child's activity. Improvements in progress occur at different rates for each individual. Don't judge your child's progress based on the performance of other swimmers or based on what you think should be achieved. The best thing about swimming is that everyone can strive to be his or her personal best, regardless of age or ability.

2. Leave the job of coaching to the coach. You have taken your child to a professional coach. Do not undermine that coach by trying to instruct your child on the side. Your job is to support, love and hug your child no matter what. The coach is responsible for the technical part of the job. You should not offer advice on technique, or race and training strategy. That is not your area. This will only serve to confuse your child and prevent that swimmer/coach bond from forming.

3. Have only positive things to say at a swim meet. If you are going to show up at a meet, you should cheer and applaud, but never criticize your child or the coach.

4. Do acknowledge your child's fears. A first meet or first 400m freestyle can be a stressful situation. It is totally understandable for your child to have apprehension. Don't yell or belittle; just assure your child that the coach would not have suggested an event or situation if the child was not ready.

5. Respect your child's coach. The bond between coach and swimmer is special, contributing to your child's success as well as enjoyment. Do not criticize the coach in your child's presence. It will only hurt the child, in and out of the water.

6. Be a willing volunteer. Your swim club as well as all the swim meets are run (with the exception of the coaches) exclusively by volunteer parents. Volunteering helps the club run better and makes for a more positive experience for your child



The Campbell River Killer Whales are well aware of the increased use of online communication and social media by its registered athletes. Given that our athletes use social media as their primary source of communication, the Club has established a policy for acceptable use of social media by our athletes. This policy is essential for CRKW to provide a safe and positive environment for all its athletes. CRKW is committed to providing such an environment for all its members.



Each CRKW athlete must exhibit ethical and responsible conduct in all online communications and activities and respect the rights and privacy of all other CRKW athletes. CRKW expressly prohibits cyberbullying or cyberstalking of any CRKW athlete or any other person by any means or method, including but not limited to the use of Facebook, Text Messaging, Instant Messaging, Twitter, E-Mail,Instagram, SnapChat, and any other social media application. Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Cyberbullying involves the use of electronic information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, harassing, intimidating and hostile behaviour by an individual or group through personal attacks or other means that harms others, whether intentional or not.


Cyberstalking involves the use of electronic information and communication technologies to communicate words, images, or language directed at or about a specific person, causing substantial emotional distress to that person.

Harassing, intimidating, and hostile mean any electronic communication that is perceived as being motivated either by any actual or perceived characteristic including race, colour, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical attributes, socioeconomic status, physical or mental ability or disability or any other characteristic related to athletic performance that a reasonable person should know under the circumstances:

1. will have the effect of harming another athlete or has the effect of substantially interfering with another athlete's performance or opportunities or;

2. has the effect of having a negative impact on another athlete's emotional or psychological well-being or;

3. has the effect of insulting or demeaning another athlete to cause disruption in or substantial interference with practice, any swim meet, or any other CRKW related activity or;

4. has the effect of creating a hostile environment for any athlete at any CRKW activity or swim meet or;

5. has the effect of substantially disrupting the training process or the?orderly operation of any      CRKW practice, workout, or other events or swim meets of any other club.


If cyberbullying or cyberstalking does occur, the incident will be dealt with promptly. Any athlete who is being bullied or stalked or is aware of any such bullying or stalking occurring is asked to talk to his or her parents or talk to a CRKW coach and/or the CRKW President. When an athlete talks to his or her parents or a coach/president, the athlete should also show to the parents or the coach the electronic communication that constitutes the incident. Safeguarding the electronic communication as evidence of the bullying or stalking will help CRKW conduct its investigation of any incident. While there is no time limit for reporting bullying incidents, reporting quickly gives the Club an opportunity to address the situation immediately and stop the bullying.


Upon receiving a report of cyberbullying or cyberstalking, the Head Coach and CRKW President will commence an investigation of the incident. The results of the investigation may include but are not limited to immediate temporary suspension from the Club or immediate permanent expulsion from the Club.


CRKW takes cyberbullying and cyberstalking seriously and all athletes and parents can be assured that CRKW will support them when an incident is reported. This type of bullying and stalking is counterproductive to the team atmosphere and team spirit CRKW wants to maintain and foster on a daily basis. Again, CRKW is committed to providing a caring and supportive environment for all of our athletes.


These are just a few Policies and Guidelines from the Parent Handbook. It is the parent/guardian and swimmers responsibility to read, and agree to adhere to the above mentioned and to the remainder of the CRKW Handbook and Policies. Please go to www.crkw.ca where you'll find the complete Handbook and Policies under the Parents tab.



CRKW Board of Directors